the northwoods


BERNICE (14) has spent her entire life in rugged Wisconsin lumber camps. But when a horrific logjam paralyzes her father and threatens their livelihood, she forges alone into the dangerous and snowy Northwoods to find the one person who can reverse the damage: Paul Bunyan.

Along the way, she faces off against ferocious mythological creatures, deadly supernatural environments, and her own invasive memories of the disaster. To get back home in one piece, Bernice will have to learn that there are some problems you just can’t outrun.

the poster

    the deets

    • second-rounder in Austin Film Festival Drama Feature screenwriting competition
    • top 15% in the Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition
    • was told there was already a Paul Bunyan movie in development (seriously?)


    Represented by Adam Rejwan of REJ Entertainment.