• writing THE DEEPEST PLACES, an illustrated series about battling the monsters in our heads
  • BIG INK ENERGY won the shorty award for best dance video (audience honor for best product video)


  • wrote pitches and scripts with mayda co for several projects, including the script for BIG INK ENERGY by Inkbox
  • taught screenwriting workshops at YOUNG SCREENWRITERand led writers rooms for anthology and series projects




  • wrote THANK GOD FOR MISSISSIPPI, my first live-action indie film about growing up in Kentucky and if someone else has already written this I will literally scream
  • wrote SAVING MARSVILLE, a family film about life on Mars, but was told there was already an animated Mars movie in development (LOL it’s all jokes at this point)


  • second-rounder in Austin Film Festival Drama Feature screenwriting competition for THE NORTHWOODS
  • top 15% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship screenwriting competition for THE NORTHWOODS
  • wrote THE NORTHWOODS, a family film about the myths surrounding Paul Bunyan, but was told there was already a Paul Bunyan movie in development (seriously?)



  • winner of Tisch School of the Arts Undergraduate Film and Television “SCRIPTS” feature screenwriting competition for INTERNET
  • wrote THE ENGINEER OF TERRACOTTA, a family film about a girl traveling through dimensions, but was punched in the face by A WRINKLE IN TIME
  • graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts


  • winner of the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award for INTERNET
  • winner of the Willard T. C. Johnson Fellowship
  • wrote INTERNET, a cleverly-named script about a digital boy who lives in a computer, but was told there was already an internet-related animated movie in development (thx, WRECK-IT RALPH 2)


  • unknowingly wrote a (now) hilariously autobiographical drama about life in Kentucky which has since been burned and this is all you will ever hear about it


  • found myself


  • left Kentucky

Represented by Adam Rejwan of REJ Entertainment.